Geophysical Model Generator Tutorial

Geophysical Model Generator Tutorial

Table of Contents

What you will learn

  • Fundamental Julia programming skills
  • Usage of the Geophysical Model Generator
  • Basic usage of Paraview

Tutorial overview

  • Intro

    1. Introduction In this short tutorial, we will introduce the Geophysical Model Generator (GMG). GMG was developed to import and process different kinds of geophysical data. These datasets can then be exported and visualized in Paraview.

  • Package Description

    1. What is the Geophysical Model Generator? The idea for the Geophysical Model Generator was born out of the need to view different geophysical datasets (e.g. tomographies, gravity measurements, receiver functions and others) in a single joint manner without having to resort to specifically programmed visualization routines for each case.

  • Importing Data

    1. Data sources Before you can use GMG, you obviously need data. Given the different kinds of data available, there is a multitude of sources. Here, we list some of them that may be useful in the future:

  • Creating Cross Sections

    In scientific publications that deal with seismic tomographies, the results are often shown in 2D horizontal and vertical cross sections (slices and profiles). The Geophysical Model Generator therefore also provides tools do exactly this.

  • Exporting Data

    1. Exporting Data Now that you know how to import data and how to extract cross sections from it, you may want to export it to a format that can be imported into e.

  • Visualization

    To show you how to visualize data, we will use one of the exmaples given in the GMG documentation. We will repeat it here for completeness. The example is the P-wave velocity model of the Alps as described in:


Marcel Thielmann


Do I need to do anything in advance?

Yes. As we only have two hours for the tutorial, it is necessary to have the following software preinstalled:

If you need any help with installing this software, please contact us!

Also, to make the most out of the tutorial, we would advise you to go through the julia intro before the course.

Additional resources

You can find the documentation of GMG and more tutorials here.