GMG GUI Tutorial Uni Jena

Geophysical Model Generator GUI Tutorial Uni Jena

Table of Contents

What you will learn

  • Usage of the GMG Profile Picker
  • Usage of the GMG Data Picker
  • Comparing different datasets with the GMG Data Picker

We will also have a short look at the GeophyiscalModelGenerator itself and at the julia version of the Data Picker. A detailed tutorial of the GeophysicalModelGenerator can be found here

Tutorial overview

  • Installation

    In this workshop, we will mainly work with the Matlab version of the Data Picker app. We will also have a short look at the julia Data Picker app. Both apps are still under development, but we are aiming at a final julia app.

  • Data

    We will be working with preprocessed data of different profiles where we extracted Vp- and Vs-tomographies, Moho topographies ans seismicty from different data sources. We will first define the different profiles together and then create the required profiles.

  • GMG GUI Manual

    The current manual consists of a set of slides which we will go over during the workshop. This file can be downloaded in the “Manual” folder. Back to the main page


Marcel Thielmann


Do I need to do anything in advance?

No. We will install the apps directly on the respective computers. We will also define our own profiles and

julia. Also, you can download the sample datasets

If you need any help with installing this software, please contact us!

Also, to make the most out of the tutorial, we would advise you to go through the julia intro before the course.

Additional resources

You can find the documentation of GMG and tutorials here.