In this workshop, we will mainly work with the Matlab version of the Data Picker app. We will also have a short look at the julia Data Picker app. Both apps are still under development, but we are aiming at a final julia app. This is simply because Matlab is not a free software, which restricts the usage of the Matlab app.

1. MATLAB apps

To install the two apps within MATLAB, first download them by accessing the course materials. There you’ll find a folder named Apps. In this folder, you can then download both the GeoDataPicker app and the ProfileSelection app. Install both from within Matlab.

Julia app

The julia Data Picker App is contained in a julia package. Further details on how to install it can be found on the github page.

Marcel Thielmann
Marcel Thielmann
Principal Investigator/Group Leader

Working on localization processes in Earth materials, in particular deep earthquakes, flow of complex fluids in porous media and Earth’s lower mantle rheology.