EGU General Assembly

The EGU General assembly is coming up next week and QuakeID team members will be part of several presentations. Tune in if you are interested (or even better, come directly to the presentation if you are in Vienna).

Monday, 23.55

Controls on slab detachment and subsequent topography evolution

Tuesday, 24.5

Testing the Strain-rate Hypothesis for Deep Slab Seismicity

Crushed and fried: ductile rupture at depth due to grain size reduction and shear heating

The role of grain boundaries for the deformation and grain growth of olivine at upper mantle conditions

Narrow, fast, and “cold” mantle plumes on Earth explained by strain-weakening rheology in the lower mantle

Thursday, 26.5.

How composable software tools in Julia help developing multi-physics codes in geodynamics

Testing a (quasi-)free base for modelling core-mantle boundary topography

Marcel Thielmann
Marcel Thielmann
Principal Investigator/Group Leader

Working on localization processes in Earth materials, in particular deep earthquakes, flow of complex fluids in porous media and Earth’s lower mantle rheology.