There are two possibilities to install the two GMG apps: (1) install is as a Matlab app (requires MATLAB) or (2) install it as a standalone app. If you choose the second possibility, the MATLAB Runtime environment will be downloaded during the installation.

1. MATLAB apps

To install the two apps within MATLAB, first download them ( Profile Picker, Data Picker ).

2. Standalone apps

If you do not have access to MATLAB, you may then install the standalone version of the app. During the installation process, the MATLAB Runtime environment will also be installed. The standalone version has to match your operating system. As we did not have access to all operating systems beforehand, only a standalone version for Macs is available right now. However, we will create stanalon versions for different operating systems during the workshop.

The standalone apps can be downloaded by clicking on the respective link: Profile Picker Intel Mac, Data Picker Intel Mac, Profile Picker Win, Profile Picker Linux, GMG Data Picker Win, GMG Data Picker Linux. Double clicking the downloaded file should then start an installer that will guid you through the installation process.

Marcel Thielmann
Marcel Thielmann
Principal Investigator/Group Leader

Working on localization processes in Earth materials, in particular deep earthquakes, flow of complex fluids in porous media and Earth’s lower mantle rheology.